Saturday, May 16, 2009

2009 May 16 - Delta River Ride

2009 May 16 - Delta River Ride

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Today is Pdub's Ride. A fairly short Ride mostly Montezuma Hills Road back and forth with a couple of ferry rides thrown in.

We are meeting for breakfast at the River's Edge Café in Isleton for breakfast at 9:15 AM.
Phil T. is the first one there. I arrive around ten minutes after nine. Peter on his ST 1300 gets there shortly after. Pdub is late as usual, but today it is only by two minutes.

Pdub on the left Peter in the foreground and Phil on the right. Yvonne, Pdub's wife is hidden behind Peter

Pdub and Yvonne are riding my Triumph Legend, my BMW R850R and Phil's Nomad

Phil entering the restaurant

Lily and Clay the owners of the River's Edge

My French Toast with honey glazed bacon on the side

Peter has the scrambled eggs with feta cheese and Phil has his usual BLT

Stuffed bell peppers are a lunch special today

Just after we order Les rides up so we will have five (5) bikes on today's Ride. He has a cup of coffee and an oatmeal cookie. Les is an early breakfast eater.

We get on the road about 10:15. Pdub is a Harley rider at heart. He believes in more time at the breaks than on the road. :-)

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Hwy 160 passing the Del Rio Hotel in downtown Isleton

That's Pdub making a left turn to head to Jackson Slough Road

We skirt past the Brannan Island State Recreation Area and onto Hwy 160 south of the Rio Vista Bridge. When we turn to get on the bridge we find that the center section is raised and traffic is waiting for the bridge to return to normal.
Hmm the bridge is stopped

Riding through downtown Rio Vista

We make it to Montezuma Hills Road and will ride it toward Birds Landing.
Then we will turn around and ride it back to Rio Vista.

Montezuma Hills Road, the straight portion. Lots of windmills.

We have our ice cream break at Gemma T's {formerly Shelby's} Drive-In.
Peter's thermometer reads 113°, but it is probably only about 94° at 11:30 AM.

Getting out of the sun

Peter's bike

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Waiting for the first ferry which is a real boat

On the first ferry

One of the State Employees. These two ferries that we will ride today are part of the State Highway System.

We ride around the north end of Ryer Island and make it onto the cable ferry from Ryer Island to Grand Island.
Second ferry ride

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We stop at the Grand Island Mansion as Les and Peter have never been to it before.
Grand Island Mansion Web Site
Photo from a previous Ride

From the Grand Island Mansion Les and I head back to Thornton and the rest head back toward Sacramento.
Downtown Thornton

Les riding through Thornton

It is 98° in Stockton when I get home around 2:15 PM. The forecast for tomorrow is 104°.