Saturday, April 18, 2009

2009 April 18 - Sausage Feed

2009 April 18 - Sausage Feed in Stockton

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I have two house guests from Oregon for a VROC Ride tomorrow. So far we have 24 signed up for the Ride. We have one Canadian, two from Oregon, one from Reno and one from Oxnard along with the rest of us NorCal folks. We start from the Jelly Belly tomorrow and end at the Chocolate Cow in Sonoma with a lunch stop at Buster's in Calistoga.
My fellow VROCers from Oregon, Sherm and SAG enjoying the heat and sunshine

I had 4 cookers going out on the back patio. The sausages were chicken mango salsa, chicken artichoke, raw brats, a Swiss herb, Spicy Italian, Smoked Kielbasa, Smoked Polish and Morrocan Lamb.

All of the sausages came from Wolfsen's Meat & Sausage in Gustine, CA.
Wolfsen's web site

Also on the menu was mixed nuts, chips and clam dip, sauerkraut, potato salad, baked beans with diced Jalapenos, steamed short grain rice, River's Edge bread and Yvonne's corn bread.

Then for dessert were cookies from Kandi's Pies and Pastries: Kandi's web site and fresh picked strawberries from an Asian strawberry patch.

SAG lights up the fire

Me cooking some brats and Kielbasa

Yvonne cutting up the sausages - photo by Sherm

Getting the food - photo by Sherm

Food table after the first pass - photo by Sherm

Everyone eating - photo by Sherm

This is the sausage, bread, rice and potato salad table after everyone has finished eating the main course.
There were still a lot of uncut cooked sasages and a dozen sasages that were still uncooked.

Tom P, Les and Peggy S, and Todd

Daniel and Jennifer B, Pdub and Yvonne

Now William got lost. After wandering around in the Brookside neighborhood for quite awhile he managed to check his GPS and got to the Sausage Feed. Albeit late.
William B, Sonja K, and Eric B

Jess walking back in from outdoors

Tom is one of the few eaters in this crowd. We really did miss LAS and her ability to consume large quantities of food. :-)
Tom P is going for seconds

Next we adjourn to the front yard to go look at Bikes.
Tom P's FJR 1300 and Todd's tricked out Harley

William's Speed Triple and Sonja's Lowered Street Triple

Jess' Sprint ST and Jess

Dan A's Road King

Checking out the bikes

Checking out the bikes - photo by Sherm

Todd leaving for Fresno

Todd leaving for Fresno - 2

Sherm and SAG

Daniel, Pdub, Yvonne and Jennifer

Back inside for dessert of cookies and fresh strawberries

After dessert - photo by Sherm

SAG and Yvonne

Jennifer, Sonja and William

Dan A, Daniel, Jess and Pdub

We break up by two's and threes with most but not all taking some food or sausages with them.
We ate almost all of the clam dip, Yvonne's cornbread, and potato salad.

I think everyone was full as they headed off for home.

I think everyone had a good experience today, I had fun putting on the Sausage Feed.